Business English

Students with an interest in the world of business and who would like to continue in the business field (WU, Fachhochschule)

The following issues will be dealt with:

→ Socializing, small talk
→ Telephoning, making appointments
→ Organising meetings and conferences
→ Writing emails/letters, giving (business) presentations
→ Dealing with customers/ dissatisfaction, complaints
→ Business travel, eco-tourism
→ Working conditions, job satisfaction, motivation, work-life balance
→ Flexi-time, teleworking, trends in work
→ Recruitment, job application
→ Franchising, setting up a business
→ Company presentation, performance, description
→ Financial market, stock market, banking
→ E-commerce
→ Austria as a business location
→ International business, going global
→ Cultural awareness and diversity
→ Management, leadership, women in business
→ Marketing, advertising, product launch, branding
→ Business ethics, CSR- corporate social responsibility

Apart from regular work in class, we will organize and participate in

→ school trips
→ company visits
→ a business lunch
→ a trade fair

We will also invite visitors and experts from the world of work to give talks on a variety of business related issues.

Book to be bought by students: Ian Wood: PASS Cambridge BEC Vantage.
Summertown Publishing

At the end of the second year of BENG students can take the internationally recognized BEC.

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